Radiata Stories ( PS2 )


Radiata Stories is the latest role-playing game from Tri-Ace, well-known developer of Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile. Radiata Stories strays from the heavy-handed tone of those games, though, taking every opportunity to lampoon itself. Aside from the goofball characters and silly dialogue, Radiata Stories is a pretty average role-playing game. However, it's one you'll want to play, if only for the beautifully crafted world, compelling characters, and off-the-wall humor.


Radiata Stories follows the adventures of a precocious teenage boy named Jack Russell. Jack is the son of a legendary knight, and since Jack is determined to follow in his father's footsteps, he joins the prestigious ranks of the Radiata Knights. Jack is assigned to the Rose Cochon Brigade, along with a snooty girl named Ridley and a well-intentioned buffoon named Ganz. The enthusiastic young recruits of the Rose Cochon Brigade take on a few missions, but everything goes awry when Ridley is nearly killed by a couple of blood orcs. An elf is able to save her life by performing a transpiritation ritual, but the elf dies in the process. The elf's brother is understandably angry, so he hatches a plan to go to war with the humans. Meanwhile, the Rose Cochon Brigade is disbanded, and Jack finds a new home in a warrior's guild known as Theater Vancoor. Here, he takes on various odd jobs and hones his skills. Eventually, a war breaks out between the humans and the fairy creatures (dwarves, orcs, goblins, and elves). Jack is forced to choose sides, and at this point the story continues on two separate paths, depending on where your alliances lay. Eventually you'll have to save the world for both man- and fairykind, which only makes sense, since genocide isn't exactly a viable theme for a T-rated role-playing game.