Tales Of Legendia ( PS2 )


Namco-Bandai's saga of "Tales" games have found homes on a variety of platforms over the years, with almost every entry spinning its own independent story in its own unique world. Tales of Legendia is the newest face in the Tales family, and there's a lot to like about it, from its rich and beautiful environments and easy-to-grasp battle system to its chatty and personable cast. Some blemishes exist, most prominently in the tuning of the encounter rate and how world travel is handled, but genre and series fans will find it easy to like this otherwise well-crafted adventure.


Senel Coolidge is a white-haired, serious-faced young man protecting his sister, the demure, soft-spoken Shirley. Both of them are on the run from enemies unknown, when their boat is suddenly overtaken by what appears to be a floating continent. The continent is actually a giant ship called the Legacy, an artifact from a civilization called the Kingdom of Terises that existed thousands of years in the past. Once Senel and Shirley board the Legacy, things start to happen very quickly: First, Shirley is exposed as having the ability to breathe underwater and glow mysteriously, marking her as a "Ferines," or one of the "people of the water." Secondly, she's thought by locals to be the "Merines," a legendary being who has the ability to pilot the Legacy. Thirdly, within five minutes of landing she's abducted by bandits, in proper heroine fashion. You'll eventually learn what all these names and races actually are, and why Shirley is so important to the future of the Legacy (and even the world), but you'll have to save her first.